Storyboard Animatic

I’ve finished the audio for the Creation animation now, apart from mastering it but I can do that another time.  To help with creating the final shots and scenes, I’ve put the storyboards to the audio to create a sort of animatic which will help me match the final scenes to the real thing.

Please excuse my bad drawing (you can see why I’m using an illustrator).

Music by Antonio Vivaldi (performed by Nigel Kennedy): The Four Seasons (arrangement).  Thanks to Joe Crowe for the voiceover.


These have been done for a while but only just got round to putting them up, especially for my presentation type thing tomorrow at uni.  Enjoy (they’ll most likely change as we go on but bare with me!).

Heavenly Storyboards

I’ve started storyboarding, ahead of schedule in comparison to last semester which is nice, but there’s a bit more work I need to do here I think…boards should be up over the weekend hopefully.

I’ve also linked up with an old school mate and fellow band mate (from Doof), Tom Bushby, who will be illustrating for me which is awesome.  Have a look at some preliminary sketches he’s done to help will styling.  They may just be clouds but a) it’s far better than what my clouds look like and b) it shows the range of styles that Tom has which is great.

Storyboards: finished


I’ve finally finished the storyboards I wanted to finish weeks ago.

It’s been tough to figure out which paintings and pieces of art I was to use for each scene (accompanied by a silent movie slide) but even tougher to decide which would go with which part of the music!  The pace is going to be quite slow, until the end of course, so there is time for reflection on the music so the scenes will last for around 10 seconds each.

I’ve scanned them in now and, once they’ve been touched up, will be posted on here in the coming days.

The storyboards start here…

I’m hoping to have some storyboards to share by this time next week.  I’ve started by splitting up the piece into the recognisable sections (which I will have to cut down) which will serve as a scene each, hopefully.  Now I need to decide which of these to cut, actually do the editing and storyboard for real!  Here’s what I’ve decided (using the version from the Classic FM Anthems album) and you can listen to a version to see if it’s just about right by clicking here.

– Opening Hymn 0:00-1:54 (1m 54s)
– Development 1:55-2:48 (53s)

– Oboe entry 2:48-3:40 (52s)
– Brass entry 3:40-4:10 (30s)

– Theme 1 4:20-5:14 (54s)

– Russian Folk 1 (with La Marseillaise) 5:20-6:40 (1m 20s)

– Russian Folk 2 (with descending scales) 6:40-7:18 (38s)

–  Strings 1 7:18-8:52 (1m 34s)
– Russian Folk 3 (subdued) 8:52-9:30 (48s)

–  Theme 2 (with La Marseillaise) 9:30-10:28 (58s)
– Russian Folk 4 (fierce) 10:28-10:40 (12s)

–  Strings 2 11:08-11:50 (42s)
– Russian Folk 5 11:50-12:08 (18s)

–  La Marseillaise growing 12:08-12:52 (44s)
– descending scales 12:52-13:38 (46s)

–  Hymn’s Return (with ascending scales) 13:38-15:06 (1m 28s)

– Finale 15:06-16:10 (1m 04s)

As you can imagine I can’t animate all of this but the repeated sections could be cut.  I think I need to keep in from La Marseillaise returning til the end (which is about three and a half minutes) so up to three and a half minutes extra from before will do.

Tough job.

Rev 4 Storyboards

My next animation project is based on a soundscape but apart from that, it’s a free brief.  I’ve chosen to do a soundscape on Revelation 4, a chapter from The Bible.  It looks at a vision of the throne room of God, take a look at the chapter itself by clicking here.

It’s going to take a lot of work: sketches by my friend Josh Dade, both 2D and 3D animation (using Maya 3D), and some sound design.  Here are my starting storyboards…