Creating Assets

Now Tom, my illustrator, has come back from Dubai, the final sketches are coming in!  Very excting times and I’ve been editing them ready for their role in Creation as they come in.  Have a look at some of the coloured products…

Heavenly Storyboards

I’ve started storyboarding, ahead of schedule in comparison to last semester which is nice, but there’s a bit more work I need to do here I think…boards should be up over the weekend hopefully.

I’ve also linked up with an old school mate and fellow band mate (from Doof), Tom Bushby, who will be illustrating for me which is awesome.  Have a look at some preliminary sketches he’s done to help will styling.  They may just be clouds but a) it’s far better than what my clouds look like and b) it shows the range of styles that Tom has which is great.

Artistic Expressions

I have been blessed to have met a lovely girl called Naomi this year and she is studying Fine Art.  Perfect opportunity for some collaboration I think!

She is going to be sketching the main figures for my 1812 animation which I will be doing some small editing (colouring and layering) to and animating to fit into the scenes.  Exciting!  Here are a couple of examples of her sketches and in the near future there will be an example of how they are to be used…

Some sketches

As I said before, my friend Josh Dade has drawn some sketches for this project and here a few that he sent me, along with those which I have layered and coloured.

Here are sketches of John at his writing desk, an elder from heaven (both original sketches), John in action and Jesus with seven stars in his hand and a double edged sword coming from his mouth (both layered and coloured).