Kutuzov Video

Here is a sneak preview of a scene with the Supreme Commander Kutuzov from the 1812 animation.  It’s using the sketches done by a friend, Naomi Allen, and using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

The sketches I edited by filling in the spaces with a loose paintbucket tool which gives a nice effect, pretty similar to my animation from last year.  I like the effect and I think it looks really nice.  I’ve also included the film effect I’ll be using in this video; it, along with some desaturaisation, gives the sense of an old film, a documentary film in fact, which should add to the experience of the animation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, please do send some comments.

Silent Movie Slides

For my animation I’d like to narrate the whole piece using slides, just like in a silent movie.  I’ve designed one which I’m most likely going to use and, with the help of a friend named Victor who is fluent in Russian, hope to use cyrillic text in Russian for them, to keep with the theme of the piece.  There will be English subtitles of course but hopefully it should look something like this: