Planets Test

Whilst waiting for my illustrator to get some exams over with so he can concentrate on Creation, I’ve been creating some simple graphic, comic style planets to make a small solar system.

As explained in the YouTube video and seen from my storyboards, I originally wanted a full solar system shot with all the planets in scale and in orbit.  However, the Sun is immensely huge and makes that a bit impracticle so either it goes the way this test has gone or I down scale the Sun.  Not sure which I will go with yet, what do you think?

ps. the planets are spnning far too fast, I will sort that out!

Days 1-3 Test

I’ve made a good start to this project now and have published a bit of a test on the opening scenes; the creation of the earth and the parting of the waters to make land.  See for yourself and let me know what you think.  This also includes an extract from some of the music I plan to use for the animation; Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Opening Scene

I finished rendering and exporting the first scene last night to show the world.  In the end, I’m very pleased with it and I think it works nicely and smoothly with the music.

As I said in the video description, it is loosely inspired by the opening scene from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas ( where the background to the text is in fact an extreme close up of a flag.