Rendering Day!

The day has finally come that I can render Creation.  I actually finished it a full five days ago but because of the Royal Wedding and May Day bank holiday, the university was closed (as you would do in the week before third year hand-in) which meant I had to wait until this morning to get into university and use the high-powered Macs to render.

The good news is that is going to take a LOT less time to render than if I was to use my machine so it should be done by later today… in the mean time I am finishing off my research file and producing the DVD cover and menus.  Fun times!  In the mean time, enjoy my comic book pages; I only have two pages as it’s not a long comic and if I had more, the page turns would be kind of tough…I probably should have done them but I think two will do.

Page 1

Page 2

Rendering Week and Editing

This week I spent in the digital media labs at uni rendering all the After Effects projects I’d done for 1812.  It didn’t take too long really and, now, after four days, I’ve finished it all, edited it together using Final Cut Pro, made a few tweaks and designed the DVD menus.  I’m just waiting now for the file to be compressed to go on the DVD I need to hand in and I’ll be finished, pretty much, but for the paperwork.

In the end, I’m very happy.  I think it could go a lot quicker, especially in the first third of the animation, but it would mean a lot more content which I don’t have.  However, I’m still happy and I think it gives the viewer more of a chance to listen and reflect on the music.  I’m very happy with the way the cuts go with the music and also the style of it, having the old film and a slightly desaturated look to the whole thing.