Pathetic Fallacy – Cloudy Sky

I wanted a cloudy sky to show the trouble which the Russians were in as Napoleon began to march towards Russia in order to invade.

Sebastian Sulinski has a great tutorial to make a really simple overcast cloudy sky using just two layers on Photoshop and then After Effects.  Using black/white for your colours, use the filter Render->Difference Clouds to get a nice cloudy looking layer.  By doing it again, the opposite way around colourwise, and sticking them into AE you can make a lovely overcast sky.  Just move the layers around, mess with the opacity and put a screen blend on the top layers and it looks quite effective.

Look out for the flag opening of the 1812 animation to see it in action; it will probably make an appearance again in all probability!

Like a Waving Flag

Great World Cup song over the summer by this name but also what I’ve been creating using After Effects this week.

Starting with a jpeg of the flag made on Photoshop, making a layer for the flag and flag-pole.  This is imported to After Effects for the waving effect (which I learnt from a great tutorial I found online at done with a technique called Displacement.

Now I tried, naiively, on my own to make a wave, using the Wave Warp effect but that was just shocking.  After a bit of research I found a neat effect called Fractal Noise which makes a solid layer move around a lot.  After some stretching, scaling, blurring and messing around with settings in the effect, you have a nice wavey look.  This layer can be placed on top of the flag layer and, using a blending mode (hard light) and an effect called Displacement Map on an adjustment layer above, causes the flag layer to ripple along like a flag in the wind.  Of course there are ways to mess around with the effect to get the desired result but you can see the tutorial above for that.  Anyway, this is what you end up with, which looks quite nice.

Digital Media Assingment 1 – pre-prod

Carrying on with the brief ‘Something I Heard the Other Day’, here are a few assests I created in preparation for the animation (it is finished and handed in but I haven’t been able to get round to putting it up on here.

The sky for the background of the piece.  It was created from scratch in Photoshop and the moon is animated in After Effects to move across the sky throughout the composition.



A selection of photos of trees which I took.  Theses were edited in Photoshop to provide the enchanted, mysterious looking trees in the composition.