Kutuzov Video

Here is a sneak preview of a scene with the Supreme Commander Kutuzov from the 1812 animation.  It’s using the sketches done by a friend, Naomi Allen, and using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

The sketches I edited by filling in the spaces with a loose paintbucket tool which gives a nice effect, pretty similar to my animation from last year.  I like the effect and I think it looks really nice.  I’ve also included the film effect I’ll be using in this video; it, along with some desaturaisation, gives the sense of an old film, a documentary film in fact, which should add to the experience of the animation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, please do send some comments.

Artistic Expressions

I have been blessed to have met a lovely girl called Naomi this year and she is studying Fine Art.  Perfect opportunity for some collaboration I think!

She is going to be sketching the main figures for my 1812 animation which I will be doing some small editing (colouring and layering) to and animating to fit into the scenes.  Exciting!  Here are a couple of examples of her sketches and in the near future there will be an example of how they are to be used…