Planets Test

Whilst waiting for my illustrator to get some exams over with so he can concentrate on Creation, I’ve been creating some simple graphic, comic style planets to make a small solar system.

As explained in the YouTube video and seen from my storyboards, I originally wanted a full solar system shot with all the planets in scale and in orbit.  However, the Sun is immensely huge and makes that a bit impracticle so either it goes the way this test has gone or I down scale the Sun.  Not sure which I will go with yet, what do you think?

ps. the planets are spnning far too fast, I will sort that out!

Project 2

I’ve decided to go along with an idea I had for the first semester’s project for this semester’s one; the creation story.  It can be found in Genesis 1 and 2 and tells the story of God’s creation of the universe which I think is quite an important story; it shows God’s creative power and His love for the universe and everything in it.

Inspirations have come from three main places for the whole project: The Brick Testament, The Manga Bible and Kick-Ass (three things that don’t usually go together!).  I hope to create a new way to teach and learn from the Bible to appeal to those who might not have looked into it before in a stylistic and aesthetically pleasing way.

The Brick Testament uses Lego to tell Bible stories in a new way.

The Manga Bible also tells Bible stories in a new way and plays with the idea of Moses as the story teller.

The Kick-Ass stills here are of the scene that has inspired me somewhat: the camera moves in and out of the tiles of the comic with animation happening inside in a really cool and stylistic way.  I’d like to emulate that to a certain extent with my animation.

The final idea I’m playing with is that which I first originally had back in September ’10, to have a pop-up style animation.  This will be something along the lines of the Desperate Housewives introduction and could be integrated within the comic book style look; the pop-ups happening inside the comic tiles.