Russian Hymns

Through a mixture of sources (including help from a new contact, Edward Yong and his blog) I’ve managed to get the Cyrillic Russian text for the two hymns used in the 1812 Overture: God Save the Tsar! and the Troparion of the Holy Cross.

God Save the Tsar!

Боже, Царя храни!
Сильный, державный,
Царствуй на славу, Hа славу нам!

God, protect the Tsar!
Strong and majestic,
Reign for glory, For our glory!

Царствуй на страх врагам,
Царь православный.
Боже, Царя храни!

Reign to foes’ fear,
Orthodox Tsar.
God, protect the Tsar!

Troparion of the Holy Cross

Спаси, Господи, люди Твоя, и благослови
достояніе Твое, победы Благовѣрному
Императору нашему на сопротивныя
даруя, и Твое сохраняя Крестомъ Твоимъ

O Lord, save thy people,
and bless thine inheritance!
Grant victory to the right believing Emporer
over his adversaries,
and by virtue of thy cross,
preserve thy habitation.

I hope to have all of these lyrics along with the choir in the piece to show just what exactly the Russians prayed for and to link this part of the history of the piece to the music.