So we’ve been working with a 3D animation engine, Maya 3D.  I couldn’t really show much of what we’ve been working on as we haven’t got round to rendering yet, which is quite complicated to do apparently.  However, today we made a 3D model of bambi: very basic but it was 3D and made from scratch!  Here is a screen grab of my finished work:

Tree animation in 3D

The updated, 3D development of the tree animation.

Tree animation

One workshop, by Graham Cooper, was on Adobe Illustrator, which I hadn’t used before, which helped me to create the tree image. It’s then animated in After Effects.  I intended to use it as a pre-composition to a 3D animation later on which I’ll upload soon.


Linking Limbs

One workshop, by Graham Cooper, was on linking the limbs of a creature to animate its movements.  Taking an image of the creature, you split the limbs in Photoshop and then import to After Effects.  Treat the limbs in the right way and then animate them to move, in this case a superhero flying around Paris!