Finished Scenes

This morning I finally finished off all the scenes for the 1812 animation.  Very happy!  Having edited the sketches done by my friend Naomi and sticking them into the environments I created, inspired by original paintings, I’ve added a desaturation layer and blended a piece of old film on top.

Hopefully, this will give a nice, old-style look to the piece, adding to the silent-movie style slides I’ll be adding too.  Next week my job is to render it all and hand it in.  It’s on the way!

Dribby’s Adventure

Here it is, the final composition.  We composed the whole thing together, as a group of four (Mike, Nat and Nikos were the other members) and then animated 30 seconds each, as per the brief.  My part of animation was the third (60s-90s).

Digital Media Assingment 1 – pre-prod

Carrying on with the brief ‘Something I Heard the Other Day’, here are a few assests I created in preparation for the animation (it is finished and handed in but I haven’t been able to get round to putting it up on here.

The sky for the background of the piece.  It was created from scratch in Photoshop and the moon is animated in After Effects to move across the sky throughout the composition.



A selection of photos of trees which I took.  Theses were edited in Photoshop to provide the enchanted, mysterious looking trees in the composition.


On recommendation of my Digital Media tutor, Graham, here goes an online account of the work I’m doing for Digital Media on my BA (Hons) Media production course at the University of Lincoln.  The other guys in my group are Mikey, Natalie and Nikos.

The brief for the group project is:

‘Something I heard the other day.’ The theme is intended to provide you with an opportunity to use a proverb, old wives tale or an oldsaying, as a starting point from which to investigate issues or concepts that arise fromthe narrative. This will provide a framework in which to bring theoretical research intoyour creative work. It is important to realise that the theme is only a starting point onwhich to base the projects’ research and development, and that the final product shouldbe an original and creative piece of work whose origins are informed by this theme. The project should not be a literal interpretation of a proverb, old wives tale or an old saying.’

My group’s original brain storms and initial ideas.

Natalie’s lovely arrangement of those ideas.

My brief storyboards for the animation.  Lets see how similar it is to the end result!