Rev4 – Final Animation

I finished my animation quite a while ago.  It took around 24 hours overall to just render out, let alone the time it took to put it all together.  I was pleased with it in the end, though, even if there was a spelling mistake and a dodgy lion wing, and I got 68% for it, making it almost a first class mark, which I was extremely happy with it!

So, here it is, enjoy and let me know what you think!

Kinetic Typography

This is the opening to the animation I’m doing.  I’m currently rendering out all the scenes, most of which are taking hours to do, but this is all ready to go.  Enjoy.

Like a Son of Man

In my Rev4 animatiion, this is another shot.  This goes with Revelation 1:12-18:

I have yet to add lighting (for the eyes. the stars and lampstands), textures and a background for outside the door and window but this is it basically. Also, I haven’t quite figured out how to do the double-edged sword, but I will do somehow! The camera will also be much nicer!

John at his Table

So, in my Rev4 project, I’ve been editing the sketches, adding colour and layering them for animating.  This is the beginnings of the scene where John is writing down his visions and is about to turn to find Jesus before him.  Work in progress (ie. there will be stuff on the tabble and also a view out the window when it’s done!) but here it goes:

Some sketches

As I said before, my friend Josh Dade has drawn some sketches for this project and here a few that he sent me, along with those which I have layered and coloured.

Here are sketches of John at his writing desk, an elder from heaven (both original sketches), John in action and Jesus with seven stars in his hand and a double edged sword coming from his mouth (both layered and coloured).

Rev 4 Storyboards

My next animation project is based on a soundscape but apart from that, it’s a free brief.  I’ve chosen to do a soundscape on Revelation 4, a chapter from The Bible.  It looks at a vision of the throne room of God, take a look at the chapter itself by clicking here.

It’s going to take a lot of work: sketches by my friend Josh Dade, both 2D and 3D animation (using Maya 3D), and some sound design.  Here are my starting storyboards…