Days 1-3 Test

I’ve made a good start to this project now and have published a bit of a test on the opening scenes; the creation of the earth and the parting of the waters to make land.  See for yourself and let me know what you think.  This also includes an extract from some of the music I plan to use for the animation; Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Heavenly Storyboards

I’ve started storyboarding, ahead of schedule in comparison to last semester which is nice, but there’s a bit more work I need to do here I think…boards should be up over the weekend hopefully.

I’ve also linked up with an old school mate and fellow band mate (from Doof), Tom Bushby, who will be illustrating for me which is awesome.  Have a look at some preliminary sketches he’s done to help will styling.  They may just be clouds but a) it’s far better than what my clouds look like and b) it shows the range of styles that Tom has which is great.

Project 2

I’ve decided to go along with an idea I had for the first semester’s project for this semester’s one; the creation story.  It can be found in Genesis 1 and 2 and tells the story of God’s creation of the universe which I think is quite an important story; it shows God’s creative power and His love for the universe and everything in it.

Inspirations have come from three main places for the whole project: The Brick Testament, The Manga Bible and Kick-Ass (three things that don’t usually go together!).  I hope to create a new way to teach and learn from the Bible to appeal to those who might not have looked into it before in a stylistic and aesthetically pleasing way.

The Brick Testament uses Lego to tell Bible stories in a new way.

The Manga Bible also tells Bible stories in a new way and plays with the idea of Moses as the story teller.

The Kick-Ass stills here are of the scene that has inspired me somewhat: the camera moves in and out of the tiles of the comic with animation happening inside in a really cool and stylistic way.  I’d like to emulate that to a certain extent with my animation.

The final idea I’m playing with is that which I first originally had back in September ’10, to have a pop-up style animation.  This will be something along the lines of the Desperate Housewives introduction and could be integrated within the comic book style look; the pop-ups happening inside the comic tiles.