Creating Assets

Now Tom, my illustrator, has come back from Dubai, the final sketches are coming in!  Very excting times and I’ve been editing them ready for their role in Creation as they come in.  Have a look at some of the coloured products…

Solar System

I’ve been quietly plugging away on Creation recently, as well as doing my other projects and particularly my dissertation!  I’ve now finished the audio for the project and put the outer-space sequences to the audio with the right timings.  I’m quite happy with how my solar system looks: the cartoon style I’ve made and the scalings and movements of the planets.  Nice.

Storyboard Animatic

I’ve finished the audio for the Creation animation now, apart from mastering it but I can do that another time.  To help with creating the final shots and scenes, I’ve put the storyboards to the audio to create a sort of animatic which will help me match the final scenes to the real thing.

Please excuse my bad drawing (you can see why I’m using an illustrator).

Music by Antonio Vivaldi (performed by Nigel Kennedy): The Four Seasons (arrangement).  Thanks to Joe Crowe for the voiceover.