Copyright Clearance: check.

I’ve managed to get a copyright certificate that clears me for use of the 1812 Overture in my student work for assessment and portfolio.  It only cost me £7.50 too so not too bad I thought.

If you ever need to look at getting clearance for copyright, check out which is where I got mine from.  Once you find the right page, it’s very helpful and they can give you a nice certificate that makes you look professional and clears you for use of music.  Snazzy.

The storyboards start here…

I’m hoping to have some storyboards to share by this time next week.  I’ve started by splitting up the piece into the recognisable sections (which I will have to cut down) which will serve as a scene each, hopefully.  Now I need to decide which of these to cut, actually do the editing and storyboard for real!  Here’s what I’ve decided (using the version from the Classic FM Anthems album) and you can listen to a version to see if it’s just about right by clicking here.

– Opening Hymn 0:00-1:54 (1m 54s)
– Development 1:55-2:48 (53s)

– Oboe entry 2:48-3:40 (52s)
– Brass entry 3:40-4:10 (30s)

– Theme 1 4:20-5:14 (54s)

– Russian Folk 1 (with La Marseillaise) 5:20-6:40 (1m 20s)

– Russian Folk 2 (with descending scales) 6:40-7:18 (38s)

–  Strings 1 7:18-8:52 (1m 34s)
– Russian Folk 3 (subdued) 8:52-9:30 (48s)

–  Theme 2 (with La Marseillaise) 9:30-10:28 (58s)
– Russian Folk 4 (fierce) 10:28-10:40 (12s)

–  Strings 2 11:08-11:50 (42s)
– Russian Folk 5 11:50-12:08 (18s)

–  La Marseillaise growing 12:08-12:52 (44s)
– descending scales 12:52-13:38 (46s)

–  Hymn’s Return (with ascending scales) 13:38-15:06 (1m 28s)

– Finale 15:06-16:10 (1m 04s)

As you can imagine I can’t animate all of this but the repeated sections could be cut.  I think I need to keep in from La Marseillaise returning til the end (which is about three and a half minutes) so up to three and a half minutes extra from before will do.

Tough job.

New Semester, new project

Into my third and final year at the University of Lincoln and I have two more animated projects for the year.  I have two good ideas, here is my first.

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was commissioned to write some music for some Russian Tsar’s party in the late nineteenth century.  He wrote some which celebrated and reflected on Russia’s victory over Napoleon in 1812 where, as the folklore goes, God helped them along by sending the harshest winter for years.

I’ve started research on the subject to figure out the true, full story and to get images for reference for the animation…all I need now is some copyright clearance and I’m away (if anyone has tips on copyright, please let me know).

So yeah, I have some ideas for voiceover and artist help but that’s it for now.  More to come.