Dribby’s Adventure

Here it is, the final composition. ย We composed the whole thing together, as a group of four (Mike, Nat and Nikos were the other members) and then animated 30 seconds each, as per the brief. ย My part of animation was the third (60s-90s).

Digital Media Assingment 1 – pre-prod

Carrying on with the brief ‘Something I Heard the Other Day’, here are a few assests I created in preparation for the animation (it is finished and handed in but I haven’t been able to get round to putting it up on here.

The sky for the background of the piece. ย It was created from scratch in Photoshop and the moon is animated in After Effects to move across the sky throughout the composition.



A selection of photos of trees which I took. ย Theses were edited in Photoshop to provide the enchanted, mysterious looking trees in the composition.